Out & About: The L.A. Bread Festival

Last Friday, I received some sort of mailing about the Los Angeles Bread Festival, happening that very weekend (as in, the next day and day after). Despite the short notice, I quickly got the Boy on board, as he’s been baking bread periodically (yes, I am a very lucky girl). He signed up for a slot at the communal wood-burning bread oven and on Sunday, off we went to Grand Central Market in DTLA (Downtown Los Angeles, for the non-locals).

Bread for Sale

The bread festival had many other classes and aspects to it (something about butter-churning aerobics WHAT), which we were unable to attend due to the short notice, but we did manage to partake of many delicious samples from the bread vendors lined up around the side of the Market. There were also bread-centric specials from many of the permanent market vendors, which I am totally on board with (all bread is good bread).

As for the bread-baking itself, we found it inside the adjoining parking garage, where a man who knew much more about bread than we did helped form our bowl of dough into a ciabatta-like loaf, then stuck it into a large oven while we ogled the cooling loaves of bread laid out on a nearby table.

When it came out, it was golden and lovely and some random person asked where they could buy one. So well done, Boy! If the L.A. Bread Festival should return for 2017, perhaps we’ll be back to bake another day.

The Boy's Bread

Boy and Bread


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