Skoshbox: Japanese Snacks Subscription Box (May 2016)

I am a big fan of the subscription box for gift-giving. For one, if you have a tendency to be late to the game like me, it doesn’t require a lot of foresight as you can literally subscribe someone the day of their birthday/anniversary/other gift-giving holiday. For another thing, I love getting getting subscriptions, since it is literally the gift that keeps on giving.

So, for our anniversary this year, I gifted the Boy a Skoshbox, a subscription box of weird Japanese snacks that arrives once a month. We’re two months in, and it’s quite fun, so I thought I’d walk you through the first box we got (the May 2016 edition).


The box comes all neatly and adorably packaged, with a little guide to all the contents. I gifted the regular Skoshbox for six months at $66, or $11/month. There are also more “deluxe” versions. We got five different items in our first box.

The first thing we tried was the Umaibo: Takoyaki, or “Takoyaki (Savory Octopus Ball) Puffed Corn Stick.” It was pretty much what it sounds like, but much tastier than you might expect – a sort of giant crunchy Pirate’s Booty (better textured than that) with a big hit of sea-ish umami flavor. I would totally eat this again.

“Sort of like a saucy Dorito. Like curry maybe.” – The Boy
“A very savory giant Cheeto, but without the cheese flavor. Like fish-sauce-flavored or something.?” – Me

Next up were the Peko x Sanrio Ichigo Choco, or “Character Shaped Strawberry Chocolates.” While VERY cute, I found these a bit overly artificial in flavor, and wasn’t that interested in them once I’d had one.

“They’re nice, but they’re too small and they lack crunch.” – The Boy
“Tastes like a chocolate strawberry but without the tartness.” – Me 

We were most intrigued by Lifeguard Drink Candy (because, what?!), described as “Vitamin Energy Drink in Candy Form.” Now, I can’t really speak to whether this had any energy-giving properties, but it was weird and I did not care for it. You squeezed it out of little ketchup-like packets and it was, to quote the Boy, not good.

“It was not good. The texture was like glue.” – The Boy
“It tastes like a melted gummy bear. I don’t like it.” – Me

My favorite thing in the pack was the Fettuccine Gummy, or “Flat Noodle Orange Gummies,” which I expected to like because they looked like sour candy, and I was not disappointed. The Boy, however, is citrus-averse and hence was less enthralled.

“I wish it was less orange.”  – The Boy
“I am all about these.”  – Me

Finally, we came to Gudetama Gum, described as “Soda Gum with Mystery Gudetama Sticker.” I did not know what soda gum was, and I still don’t – this was essentially weak gum. At least we got a sticker?

“I don’t like gum. I certainly don’t like non-mint gum. Plus it lost all its taste.” – The Boy “Unremarkable.” – Me

Though we may not have liked everything, we certainly had fun trying it all! If you’re interested, I’ll let you know what goodies we got in June…

I was not compensated for this post. All the opinions are my own.


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