Skoshbox: Japanese Snacks Subscription Box (June 2016)

As you can tell, life’s been a bit busy around these parts – I haven’t had a chance to post anything in a while. I’ve been doing a bunch of traveling for the new gig, which tends to throw off the whole “everyday life” schedule a little bit.

But life does go on, and with it (currently) goes on the Boy’s Skoshbox subscription, which we are still thoroughly enjoying. I figured I’d give you a peek at another box, this time from June 2016.

Skoshbox Snack List

The first thing we tried from this box were the Zeitaku Cheese Okaki, described as “Rich Cheese Sandwiched Senbei” (I suspect a typo there, but I can’t be sure as I don’t know what Senbei are). These were essentially those cheese sandwich crackers that kids eat, but with Japanese rice crackers instead of off-brand Ritz. I thought they were delicious. The Boy was less enthused.

“They’re like Japanese rice crackers crossed with those crackers I used to get in Afterschool.” – Me
“The weird flavor from the glaze didn’t mix well with the cheese for me. I enjoyed them, but I thought they could’ve been better.” -The Boy

Zeitaku Cheese Okaki
Zeitaku Cheese Okaki

Next up were Yuzu Citrus Throat Drops, or “Minty Citrus Candies.” True to their name, these were a lot like eating cough drops as candy, though as I have a penchant for yuzu (a citrus fruit popular in Japanese cooking), I quite enjoyed them. Again, the Boy felt…differently.

“I LIKE these. They’re yummy. I also like yuzu so that makes sense.” – Me
“I don’t like them that much. They’re just very strongly flavored. I don’t like citrus candy that much.” – The Boy

Yuzu Citrus Throat Drops
Yuzu Citrus Throat Drop

I was especially intrigued to try the Choco-Anpan Condensed Milk, described as “Bread Bites with Sweet Milk Filling.” And indeed, that’s exactly what they were – tiny adorable (if slightly dry) buns with a condensed milk center. The verdict:

“These are ok? I don’t find them particularly pleasant, though they’re very cute.” – Me
“These are weird. But I like them.” – The Boy

Next up was the dramatically named Pachi-Pachi Panic, described as “Crackle Pop Cola Candy,”  which was essentially a Japanese mix of pop rocks and tiny sweet tarts. I liked it – it was fun!

“I think these these are meant to be eaten together. They’re like little sour candies and pop rocks!” – Me
“They’re like cola pop rocks and sweet tarts!” – The Boy

And finally, we came to the Fizzy Whistling Candy Pack (sounds like something out of Willy Wonka, doesn’t it?). We were instructed to “Blow Through the Hole to Whistle!” and indeed, when you do, a loud whistling noise is produced. Very cute! Otherwise, these were also pretty sweet tart-like in nature.

“It’s fun! Kinda has a hint of bubblegum, but generally fruity.” – Me
“Kind of like a mild sweet tart.”  – The Boy

Overall, this was another fun month from Skoshbox – love how different the contents are from American snacks and candies! Hope you enjoyed getting a peek inside…

I was not compensated for this post. All the opinions are my own.


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