No Recipe Required: Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

We went to a party recently where the potluck theme was “elevated food from childhood.” The Boy immediately decided he wanted to make elevated tuna salad (with homemade bread – delicious!) and we also brought along this cake, which may not be fully elevated but certainly makes use of one beloved childhood food – ice cream sandwiches!

Layering Ice Cream Sandwiches

This cake, courtesy of Katherine Sacks and Epicurious, turned out to be a brilliant choice because not only is it super easy to make, it gets made in advance! Pretty much all I want out of party food. The only tricky part was keeping it cold on the way to the party, but a few ice packs made pretty quick work of that.

We started out by making whipped cream, which we mixed with chocolate syrup and some peppermint extract to make chocolate mint whipped cream. This would serve as the proverbial glue to hold the cake together.

Making Chocolate Whipped Cream
Chocolate Whipped Cream

We also chopped up a bunch of fudge mint cookies, because the cake needs some crunch.

Chopping Mint Fudge Cookies

Then, it was assembly time! Going heavy on the chocolate mint theme, we’d bought both vanilla and mint chocolate ice cream sandwiches, though of course the true beauty of this cake is it is as customizable and elevate-able as you choose to make – hand-make your sandwiches, customize the whipped cream, whatever!

You use about half the whipped cream during the stacking process, stacking whipped cream then sandwiches then more whipped cream then cookies then sandwiches and so on. It takes 16 ice cream sandwiches and 2 cups of cream (pre-whipping) to serve about that many people with the final cake, though of course the recipe is also fully expandable (as long as you’ve got a big platter).

Once layered, the cake gets frozen for at least an hour (the other half of the whipped cream waits in the fridge), then taken out and frosted with the remaining cream and sprinkled with the remaining cookies. And it looks just like a cake!

The cake was a hit! The two types of sandwiches created a pretty pattern when you cut into it, and it held up surprisingly well despite the late-summer day. I imagine this could be a fun project to make with kids, too…as long as you don’t mind that the results are the kids eating a bunch of ice cream sandwiches!

Ice Cream Sandwich Cake


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