At Home: Last-Minute Halloween Decor

I enjoy most holidays – Christmas is probably my favorite, but I’m an equal-opportunity celebrater. For Halloween, I always try to go all out on the costume front. I also enjoy decorating, but as our home is not a trick-or-treating hot spot and life is busy, I don’t put as much into Halloween decor as I do into Christmas, when we tend to throw a party and people actually see the decorations. Still, I can’t do NOTHING, which brings me too…the easiest Halloween decor in all the land.

Halloween Decor

Namely, I folded some pieces of black construction paper in half, cut out bat shapes, and taped them in a big swooping formation onto my front porch. Add some pumpkins, and you’re good to go. (Bonus points for a photogenic cat.)

It’s my favorite kind of decor…impactful, cheap, and not too much work. I would recommend, if you’re able, you use hardier construction paper than I did (or if you want these to last, laminate them) – but in a pinch, day-of cheap paper will totally do the trick.

Halloween Decor

Total cost? About $4. Maybe $8 if you need to buy tape. And $18 including pumpkins. Also, check out my new doormat (thanks Target). Happy Halloween!

Halloween Decor

(Told you the cat was photogenic.)

Halloween Decor


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