Out and About: Temescal Canyon Park

The Boy and I have been participating in a weekly photo challenge this year with some friends – actually, maybe I’ll start posting my results here as well – and when the challenge was “Land,” we decided to take a photo walk that turned into more of a hike than we perhaps intended at Temescal Canyon Gateway Park.

Hikers on Rocks

Tesmescal Canyon Park is set in the Santa Monica mountains, and has a bunch of popular and not-too-crazy-difficult hiking trails you can take that often reward you with impressive ocean views. We (somewhat unintentionally) probably did about 5-6 miles round trip since once we got to the top of the ridge, the Boy insisted we follow the signs another mile or two to see Skull Rock, which looks exactly how you’d expect it to (but, yes, it was cool and exercise is good).

Hiking Trail

The trails are well-defined, though there is certainly a lot of ascension (and descent), but we saw tons of families handling it without too much difficulty. Conveniently, the paths intersect enough that you can tailor your hike to your own abilities with a bit of planning.

It feels very Californian, with cacti and sandy rocks and drought-friendly (or so I can only assume) foliage. There’s plenty of street parking, along with a paid lot, which is also key to L.A. activity enjoyment.

Hiking Views

Not a bad view, eh? Remember that as you’re sweating your way up the mountain…

Temescal Canyon Gateway Park
15601 Sunset Blvd.
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272


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