A Moment in the Mountains: Vail

As mentioned in my earlier food-specific post, the Boy went on a work trip to Vail a little bit ago and I was lucky enough to get to come along – my first trip to Colorado! Not my last this year, but we’ll get there when we get there.

Vail View

From what I can tell, Vail is a series of beautiful views punctuated by snow, skiing, and food & drink – so, a very chilly heaven? I’ll run you through a few of the highlights, mostly in photography form.


A stolen afternoon on the slopes, which were slushy towards the bottom but quite nice towards the top.


Oh, and punctuated by a stop for waffles, because why not?

Cocktail hour with fairly devastating views (in the best way) at golden hour.

Vail Brewing Co. Tasting

Beer, which the Boozy Newsie analyzes in all its glory.

And of course dawn over the mountaintops the day we left…gorgeous. Can’t wait to go back one day!

Vail View


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