Eating Out: Wanderlust Creamery

The Boy and I had an hour to kill in the Silver Lake this weekend, and true to form we went straight to Yelp and tried to find something good to eat. We ended up at Wanderlust Creamery in Atwater Village and I’d consider it a rousing success.

Ice Cream

Wanderlust Creamery is, I’ll admit it, one of those chic and pricey ice cream shops. Great light, white and wood decor with some greenery, your typical “hipster” joint. But the hipsters bring the good food with them, and I’m cool with that.

Wanderlust’s whole thing is global flavors – all of their flavors are tied to a particular location of origin. For instance, Cuban Pastelito (origin: Cuba) or Smoky Road (origin: the Pacific Northwest). The flavor combos are often unusual, and as a result I wanted to try one of everything on offer (I usually restrict myself to two samples for fear of seeming over-grabby, though the Boy and I share samples for maximum taste-testing).


In the end, we both split a single (maximize flavors!) ($4.75). The Boy got:

Ube Malted Crunch
Origin: Our American-Filipino Upbringing
Malted milk. REAL sweet purple yam. Crunchy malted milk balls.
I don’t usually like purple yam, but this was actually really good with the malt. I do love malt.

Pretzel + RúgBrauð
Origin: Iceland
Toasted pretzel-infused ice cream. Caramelized Icelandic rye crumbs.
We both tasted this one, and then we both GOT this one – deliciously nubby (“scrummy,” as Mary Berry on The Great British Baking Show would say) and different enough while not being TOO different. The pretzel and rye both came through and melded well together.

And I got:

Honey Lavender
Origin: Provence, France
French lavender. Californian honey.
Ordered this without trying it, and while it was very floral, it was also well balanced (tricky to do with lavender) and delicious. A nice, sweet, creamy ice cream.

Pretzel + RúgBrauð
Origin: Iceland
Toasted pretzel-infused ice cream. Caramelized Icelandic rye crumbs.

Wanderlust Ice Cream

We also taste-tested Sticky Rice + Mango (tasted just like you’d think), Yuzu Yogurt Charcoal Sorbet (I almost got this – refreshing and different), and Abuelita Malted Crunch (chili and chocolate and malt, yum!). Honestly…we didn’t have a bad flavor. So while a bit pricey, if you’re into “artisan” ice cream (and used to what you pay for it), you’ve gotta check out Wanderlust. It’s worth it.

Wanderlust Creamery
3134 Glendale Blvd.
Atwater Village, LA, CA 90039


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