No Recipe Required: Berry Crumble

If I’m going to bring dessert to a party, I want to make it – I don’t get to do a ton of baking (since if I bake without occasion the two of us just…eat it all), so I always jump at the opportunity. Sometimes, however, there come those events that are timed just such that you don’t have time to hit the grocery store or prep a pie crust with enough time to let it chill. Enter: Crumble.

Berry Crumble

Crumble is a simple but extremely effective dessert – cooked, jammy fruit topped with crunchy, sweet, crispy, buttery goodness. With the help of The Kitchn’s recipe, I’ll walk you through it, but it’s pretty flexible once you’ve got the basics.

First up – the fruit. I happened to have some strawberries and bunch of blueberries on hand, which got tossed with sugar (powdered in my case – a half to a full cup), cornstarch (up to three tablespoons to soak up extra juice), and spices (I used cinnamon and nutmeg).

Making Crumble Filling Making Crumble Filling

Toss ’em in your well-buttered baking dish and turn to topping!

Crumble Filling

Crumble topping is as good as it gets – a cup of flour, half cup of brown sugar, a teaspoon of baking powder, pinch or two of salt, and a stick of butter (room temp if you remember to take it out ahead of time). You can add spices here too if you’re feeling fancy. Whisk the dry ingredients, and cut in the butter, then blend with your fingers until you have something gloriously lumpy.

Crumble Topping

Sprinkle over the fruit, and into a 375°F oven it goes to bake for 30 minutes or so. You’re looking for golden brown and bubbling to indicate doneness.

Baking Berry Crumble

And voila! Crumble! Crispy, fruity, delicious. You can do it with apples, with peaches, with all sorts of berries, you name it! The best part, for me, is I usually have the topping ingredients on hand. Enjoy!


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