Dogwood Photography Challenge: Weeks 28-31

We’re still catching up with the weekly photos challenges! Here’s a few more…

Week 28 – Story: Portrait as Landscape 
[Shot with Canon EF 50mm/f1.8 II]
Shoot a portrait that is posing as a landscape. Tell a story of the subject using the landscape around them. Fool the viewer.

I didn’t come across any good actual landscapes to serve in this challenge, so I ended up getting creative with Photoshop and a self-portrait.

Dogwood Week 28

Week 29 – Technical: Water Drop [Shot with Canon EF 75-300mm/f4-5.6 III]
Photographing a water drop is a mix of lighting, macro, and patience. There are plenty of ways to pull this off, enjoy figuring it out!

This was HARD, but also fun as I’ve always wondered how people capture these. I don’t own a macro lens, but we made do – it did take both of us to execute, though (one shooting, one dropping)!

Dogwood Week 29

Week 30 – Artistic: Family 
[Shot with Canon EF 50mm/f1.8 II]
In the last challenge you shot a family portrait. This time use family as your inspiration. Since this is the advanced challenge no people can be in the image.

We actually ended up at a family wedding this week (the Boy’s cousin), and the bride made these gorgeous egg ornaments for all their family and friends. Something about the many colors and patterns made this seem especially fitting for the week’s challenge.

Dogwood Week 30

Week 31 – Story: Frame Within a Frame 
[Shot with Canon EF 50mm/f1.8 II]
Another classic compositional tool is to frame the subject within the frame of the image. Use this technique this week to tell your story.

A friend’s bachelorette provided a mirror to act as the frame within a frame while the girls were getting ready.

Dogwood Week 31


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