Out and About in Massachusetts: Quarry Dance 6

The Boy and I were in Massachusetts recently for a wedding, and as our services weren’t needed the morning before the wedding we were looking for something to do. As it so happened, that morning at breakfast our B&B hostess told us about Quarry Dance 6, an event happening at the nearby Flat Ledge Quarry.

Flat Ledge Quarry

Note: that’s the last picture you’ll see of the quarry without dancers or a plastic flamingo in it, so prepare to play a little “Where’s Waldo” if you don’t spot them immediately.

Quarry Dance 6 is put on by the Windhover Performing Arts Center, and as the number would indicate, has been performed five times before. It is a site-specific dance performance, and to my understanding has moved from quarry to quarry depending on the year. This particular year, the dancing was courtesy of New York-based Dušan Týnek Dance Theatre, and the accompaniment was improvised by Russ Gershon.

Quarry Dance 6

The dancers moved about the quarry, appearing in various locations. I personally wasn’t a huge fan of the bright pink outfits (from afar, it often looked as if we were watching some kind of 80s exercise class), but the idea behind the performance, surrounded by nature and inspired by it, was quite cool.

At one point, a large plastic flamingo floated across the quarry, and then commenced my favorite part, where the dancers and musician descended upon us to perform up close.

Quarry Dance 6

In the end, I’m not sure I fully understood it all, but was glad I’d gone, since it certainly wasn’t like many things I’ve ever seen.  There is something wonderful about getting to experience art, even when it’s not all your particular taste of art, and especially when that art is surrounded by nature’s beauty. (Though I will say I did watch a woman climb THROUGH a bunch of poison ivy to retrieve a water bottle she’d dropped into the quarry so…nature’s beauty and also its dangers?)

Flowers By the Quarry


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