Layover Life: 6 Hours in Oslo

As with our flight to Spain and Morocco, our return flight had a long enough layover to leave the airport – this time, in Oslo! Norway has an excellent train system that sent us quickly from the airport to the heart of the city in about 30 minutes, giving us plenty of time to get a quick taste (we’re already plotting our return…).

View from Akershus Fortress

We got off the train right by the Oslo Opera House (free), a beautiful modern building on the water that was practically glowing in November afternoon light (the light there was truly incredible, since it was basically golden hour the whole time we were there thanks to Norway’s particular seasonal daylight). We walked around, taking photos and taking in the view (note: it’s cold there in November!).

We then continued our walk around the city, strolling along the water and through the Akershus Fortress (free), a military area and castle with large grounds that snake through a variety of historical stone buildings.

Akershus Fortress

We ended up grabbing a bite to eat at the Eufemia Bar in the Thon Hotel Opera near the train station, where we notably tried reindeer and lingonberries (tasty!).


And we couldn’t leave Oslo without trying Aquavit – luckily, the Norwegian Aquavit Bar in the airport (believe it or not) provided the opportunity! (We did not like it.)



  • DO: Take in the gorgeous architecture of the Oslo Opera House
  • DO: Wander the grounds and look at the views from the Akershus Fortress
  • DRINK: Try the Scandinavian liquor aquavit (at your own risk!)



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