Dogwood 2017 Photography Challenge: Weeks 43-47

Hi! I’m back. I’ve noticed I have a tendency to fall off the blogging train when everything turns to madness at the end of the year (does that happen to anyone else?). Maybe one day I’ll be smart enough to get ahead of that, but then…maybe not. Oh well!

The point is, I’m back now, and catching you up on the rest of the 2017 Dogwood Photography Challenge (which I totally completed – woo hoo!). I’ll be posting the rest in two posts, then moving on to catch you up with the 2018 rendition, which is already going full steam ahead. I love this challenge, which my friend Mike got started for us, and this year we have even more people participating, which is awesome. It’s a great way to exercise your photography skills regardless of skill level. Anyway…on to the photos!

Week 43 – Story: Movement [Shot with Canon EF 24mm f/2.8 IS USM]
Capturing and creating movement in a still photo is a challenge for every photographer. Use movement this week to tell a story.

This was hard, especially as it was Halloween week and I was consumed with getting my costume in order. In the end, the swirling lights of a disco ball worked well enough, but I wish I’d been able to get more of the essence of this challenge.

Dogwood Week 43

Week 44 – Technical: Magic ND Filter [Shot with Canon EF 24mm f/2.8 IS USM]
Use an ND filter combined with a shutter speed of 30 seconds or even longer to create your image. Try a waterscape or even a busy landmark to see the magic happen. Continue reading


Dogwood Photography Challenge: Weeks 41-42

Week 41 – Technical: Levitation [Shot with Canon EF 50mm/f1.8 II]
Levitation is part camera trick and part photoshop. Create an interesting levitation image this week.

I probably could have been more creative with this week’s challenge, but a busy week and a gorgeous beach sunset led me to this portrait of my lovely cousin “levitating” by her own power.

Dogwood Week 41 Continue reading

Eating Out: A-Frame

Brunch: the best meal, because everyone can get what they want. Sweet, savory, it’s got it all. So, when someone proposes brunch, I tend to be in. And that’s how we ended up at A-Frame for brunch just a couple of weekends ago.

A-Frame, for those not in the know, is part of Roy Choi’s restaurant empire, housed in an old Wienerschnitzel (or so the story goes – I think it’s true) that’s been converted into a bright Hawaiian “diner.” Hearty meals await, especially at brunch, when unlimited pancakes and unlimited beverages call to the hungry and hungover.

Lilikoi and Chicken Pancakes

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‘Tis the Season: Happy Halloween!

Official Halloween is in three days, but it’s Halloween party weekend this weekend, so let’s celebrate! My costume for tonight, of course, is not quite done, but I realized I don’t think I’ve ever shown off last year’s triumph – the “Snow Queen” (or, if you want more of a pop culture reference, you can call it “Winter” from Game of Thrones).

The Snow Queen

As is often the case with my costumes, this was a full-on DIY, so I’ll walk you through a few of the main elements. Continue reading

Eating In: Kale “Nacho” Bowl

As you know, there’s nothing I love more than a good bowl for dinner. So, when I spotted Minimalist Baker’s Vegan Kale Chip Nachos, I was intrigued – and promptly bowl-ified it.

Kale "Nacho" Bowl

My favorite thing about bowls is that they’re infinitely customizable – making them (1) very easy to make fit your own preferences and (2) very easy to adapt to what’s already in your fridge (or lacking from it). This bowl takes a particularly healthy turn with a base of crispy kale “chips,” dusted with spices and nutritional yeast. Continue reading

Dogwood Photography Challenge: Weeks 38-40

Week 38 – Technical: 50mm [Shot with Canon EF 50mm/f1.8 II]
Learn to sneaker zoom! Shoot an image using only the 50mm Focal Length. Either use a fixed 50mm lens or set your zoom lens to 50mm. Since this is the advanced challenge make sure the image is compelling.

This image compels me to eat, I’ll tell you that! Kidding…I took a photo walk by my house with my 50mm and happened upon this sign in a nearby cafe. As it happens, that’s the lens I usually shoot with, so no biggie.

Dogwood Week 38

Week 39 – Art: Water [Shot with Canon EF 50mm/f1.8 II]
Your inspiration this week is water. Interpret this how you will. Continue reading

Out and About in Massachusetts: Whale Watching

On the last day of our most recent visit Gloucester, we decided at the last minute to try to get tickets on a whale watching excursion. I hadn’t been on a whale watch  since I can remember (so, mayyyybe childhood?), and it was a beautiful late summer day. Of course, our last-minuteness also meant it was super hard to get tickets, but eventually we lucked out with Capt. Bill and Sons. Before long, we were loaded onto a boat and off to sea (spoiler alert: we found some whales)!

Whale Tail

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Dogwood Photography Challenge: Weeks 32-35

More from our weekly photography challenge! I’ve almost caught you up to where we are…kinda?

Week 32 – Technical: HDR [Shot with Canon EF 50mm/f1.8 II]
HDR is the technique of combining several photos of the same scene but shot at different exposures to create an image with a High Dynamic Range.

I am not good with HDR (I  think it might be that it’s just not my personal photography style) – so I may have cheated a bit with some post filtering to get this HDR look.

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